“We’ll never be part of a federation”

Gordon Brown (remember him?) has suggested a compromise solution to the argument over the SNP’s demand for another referendum about independence for Scotland to make it a federal partner of the UK instead. Seems an idea worth considering but a big no-no for the Tories under Thatcher was becoming part of a federal Europe. This feeling among the idiots in British politics resurfaced in the EU referendum last year. It seems to have escaped their notice, however, that we already live in what is really a federal state. I know it’s called a union, but that’s increasingly becoming a misnomer as the different parts seek even more independence than they had before and don’t forget that Scotland had different education and legal systems and its own currency long before devolution, while Northern Ireland even had its own parliament. In fact England began life as a federation of separate states and regions before the Normans invaded and those differences didn’t disappear overnight. So there’s nothing to be afraid of in getting closer to other peoples or in giving them more autonomy to govern themselves. ‘Sovereignty’ is a fiction in a world dominated by global capitalism. It only becomes real when you claim your own and join with like-minded folk to assert it.

RA 18.3.17