Old school lies – “Uncontrolled immigration” – Pots & kettles

With Trump’s latest ravings and Brexit ringing in our ears and the sounds of drawbridges being raised across Europe and elsewhere, there are two things we don’t hear and should be restated every time this issue is discussed. One is the fact (not opinion) that we, British, French, Italians, Portuguese, Dutch and Germans, forcefully immigrated into many parts of the world without the residents’ consent and thus created much of the world we see today with all of its mess. This hypocrisy is not lost on some people, see: theindigenouspeoples.com . The second is that, under current globalisation, capital (ie money) is free to wander the globe as its peddlers choose, taking workers’ jobs from under them as the industries they built are relocated to places where labour is cheaper. The only way to level out that playing field is if labour (ie workers) is allowed the same freedom of movement. If people are moving into your country, then chances are that your country has their money and they’re looking to get some back. It’s only fair. The other reason people come is, of course, as asylum seekers – that’s because the thieves and murderers, who control those cheaper economies and are currently living off the profits of our exported wealth, use the weapons provided by our arms industries and the services of our ‘security companies’ to threaten their lives if they protest or try to improve things. Nothing about this is particularly new, except that a hundred years ago, we would accept these refugees, whether economic, political or social, without restrictions. Now our own thieves and murderers use them as scapegoats to fool you. The sound of pots and kettles is deafening, so wake up and listen.

RA 30.1.17