Getting flocked

The vultures are joining Donald Trump (hereafter known as DT – delerium tremens) at the feast. So far Farrage and Gove. Who’s next? Marine Le Pen? Berlusconi? Every other sociopath and neo-fascist on the block? Even that Nobel Prizewinning war criminal and friend of Putin, Henry Kissinger, got in on the act. Opposition is growing but there’s no reason to relax – the last time we were here was the Reagan-Thatcher axis and we’re still living with the consequences of that nightmare. At least the Wicked Witch of the West put a dent in our home-grown fascists’ aspirations by nicking their policies. Now they could be partying on the White House lawn.

Every sane person is fearful of the prospects for the future but that’s not enough – we need to get organised. As the old Berlin anarchists slogan said, ‘Tu wat!’ – Do something. So look out for who’s running your favourite campaign and join it .. or start your own. Resistance is useful.

RA 20.1.17